Working with older people during COVID

Age UK is the leading UK charity for supporting older people. Among many other initiatives, they're working to improve the wellbeing of the older generation by tackling loneliness, supporting independence and encouraging physical activity. During lockdown, they sought to challenge assumptions that older people struggle to use technology, and the results showed that, with the right support and network, modern technology really can be accessible to all.

Video case study

Learnings and findings

The Covid-19 pandemic prompted many older people to shield, leaving them isolated from friends and family. Age UK loaned tablets to a group of those shielding and ran weekly, chair-based exercise sessions as a way to keep them connected and encourage them to stay active.

They took the time to understand their participants and explain how the tablets worked. They also ran a volunteer IT helpline, with people of a similar age to the participants answering calls, sharing their own experiences, and offering advice. And throughout the process, they stuck with two important, confidence-boosting messages: that older people can use technology, and that any movement at all — not just particular exercises — was good.

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