Bursary / Sponsorship Grants for Athletes


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Y-Notts Grants for Young People and Groups

Y-Notts gives grants to young people and groups for the purpose of furthering their education, training and personal development. To qualify, applicants should generally be aged 15 to 30 and live in Nottinghamshire. Special provisions in exceptional circumstances may be made for people outside of the prescribed age range.

Grants for individuals are up to £3,000. More may be available for groups. Grants are one-off and only made where no other funding is available.

Trustees consider applications quarterly.

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Everybody Active, Sporting Champions Fund

Everyone Active's Sporting Champions scheme was launched in 2016, with the aim of providing ongoing support for talented athletes across the UK. Through their work with local authorities across the country, they have already supported more than 500 athletes with over £1million worth of sponsorship over the past four years.

Everyone Active's Sporting Champions aims to continue our support for athletes by offering both monetary funding and access to Everyone Active's 150 leisure centres across the country.

If you're a UK athlete who is looking to achieve your full potential with a little support, they'd love to hear from you.

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The Joanna Brown Trust

The Joanna Brown Trust provides talented young athletes from across the UK with financial support to help them excel in their chosen sports.

To apply for a grant from The Joanna Brown Trust please send an email or letter outlining why you should be awarded a grant, how you would use it and how it would benefit you in your chosen sport.

Please note, The Joanna Brown Trust will not award grants for travel and/or accommodation costs. Also, note that The Joanna Brown Trust receives a large number of requests for funding.

Check their website for the next deadline. You can expect to hear if you applications has been successful or not within 3 weeks of this date. All applications must be sent to info@thejoannabrowntrust.org.

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The Rob George Foundation

Funding available: Usually not more than £3,000
Deadlines: None specified

The Rob George Foundation became established in January 2014 to provide bursary grants.

The Foundation, among other things, provides financial support to young people who demonstrate exceptional commitment and/or ability in the world of sport but may be held back by their financial situation from pursuing their goals.

Bursaries can be up to £3,000, but, in exceptional circumstances, more could be made available.

Dickie Bird Foundation

The vision of the Dickie Bird Foundation is to assist young people under 16 years of age to participate in the sport of their choice irrespective of their social circumstances, culture or ethnicity and to ensure that, in doing so, they improve their chances both inside and outside sport.

Please note that Grants are payable to disadvantaged children aged under 16 for essential sports equipment. Travel or coaching are not payable. Payment is for individuals only.

Talented Athletes Scholarship Scheme

The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) is a Sport England funded partnership between talented athletes, education institutions and national governing bodies of sport. TASS work together to bring the best out of our country's most exciting young talents.

The Scheme helps athletes in education – aged 16-plus – to get the very best from their sporting and academic careers without having to choose between the two.

TASS support more than 400 athletes in 30-plus Sport England sports. Nominated each year by their national governing body (NGB), they are the cream of the crop. These promising athletes are all eligible to represent England and have been identified as performing at the top of the Sport England Talent Pathway.

The Scheme provides vital support services via a national network of experienced practitioners based at TASS Delivery Sites throughout England.

TASS supports student-athletes through annual individual awards or sport-specific projects. TASS operate during the academic year from September 1st – August 31st.

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Young athletes, both able-bodied and those with a disability, are nominated to SportsAid for financial support by their sport's own national governing body (NGB).

At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, 18 of Britain's 19 gold medals were won in events that involved SportsAid athletes.

SportsAid awards are generally given to athletes between the ages of 12 and 18 (older for athletes with a disability) who compete in approximately 68 different sports, including disability disciplines.

SportsAid awards help athletes with essential costs such as travel, training, accommodation, competition fees and equipment.

To find out if you could qualify for a SportsAid award, visit the SportsAid website or contact your sport's National Governing Body (NGB) directly.

British Gymnastics Foundation - Hardship Fund

The British Gymnastics Foundation is providing a new Hardship Grant to provide financial support to enable their members to continue to be involved in gymnastics. All current individual members can apply for hardship funding, including gymnasts, coaches and volunteers. There are four rounds each year. The closing dates are:

20th February; 20th May; 20th August; 20th November

Funding is limited to £5K in total for each funding round and requests can be for as little as £20, but grants awarded will not usually exceed £500

General Mountaineering Grants

The BMC list a wide range of organisations, Trusts, commercial companies and charities that are able to provide funding support for mountaineering trips. Be sure to check out each organisation's awarding criteria carefully before making an application to avoid disappointment.

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