Local Community and Voluntary Services (CVSs)

Community Voluntary Services (CVSs) develops, connects and supports local voluntary and community organisations, helping to improve the quality of people's lives in the areas they serve. Here is a summary of the CVSs within Nottinghamshire. Click the links below to find out more about the services they offer.





Newark and Sherwood



Ashfield Voluntary Action

Ashfield Voluntary Action is a registered charity which serves the Ashfield District of Nottinghamshire.

The charity has been operating in the area for over fifteen years, initially under the name Ashfield Links Forum and more recently as Ashfield Voluntary Action (AVA). The organisation provides support to other voluntary sector groups throughout the District and also supports individuals and families through a range of targeted projects.

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Bassetlaw CVS

Bassetlaw CVS offers one-to-one support to any new or existing voluntary and community organisation within the district of Bassetlaw. They are are happy to discuss any areas of support in person or over the phone and provide advice on areas such as:

  • Starting a new group
  • Governance
  • Funding
  • Legal status
  • Group development

They can help you set up your new group or charity and develop your aims, plan your activities, identify appropriate funding, advise you on governance for your group and put you in touch with like-minded organisations and groups in the local area. Their service is provided free of charge.

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Voluntary Action Broxtowe

Voluntary Action Broxtowe provides training and support for community organisations and volunteers. They recruit, train and support volunteers to deliver a range of services that tackle complex social problems in the Boxtowe community and enable people to make positive changes in their lives.

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Mansfield CVS

Mansfield CVS provides a range of services aimed at strengthening and developing the Mansfield voluntary sector, and improving the lives of people within the communities, including:

  • Group support resources for community and voluntary groups in Mansfield
  • Health and social care services for older people
  • Volunteer brokerage service
  • Training courses and networking events
  • Providing volunteer/ voluntary group development and support in local communities
  • Developing and sustaining community partnerships
  • Operating Community House as a central hub of advice, information and guidance
  • Partnership working and representation for the local sector

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Newark & Sherwood CVS

Newark & Sherwood CVS is a support and development organisation, promoting and encouraging local voluntary activity in the Newark & Sherwood area.

Being at the heart of our communities, listening to their needs and speaking up for them is Newark & Sherwood CVS's driving force and they deliver a wide range of services in partnership with other voluntary and community sector organisations.

They also work with local authorities, public service providers, business and community groups to deliver specific projects where their experience and connections are called upon.

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Nottingham CVS

Established in 1875, Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service aims to improve the quality of people's lives in Nottingham through strengthening the voluntary sector. They support the sector through:

  • Volunteering: Improving the quality of volunteering and breadth of volunteering opportunities across the city;
  • Voluntary sector development: Strengthening the voluntary sector's capacity to help its clients through promoting best practice, funding advice and training;
  • Voices: Speaking up for the voluntary sector on issues crucial to its future, and increasing the sector's access to, and influence upon, decision makers;
  • Voluntary Action Centre: Providing a space for organisations to meet and network, access training and promote their work.

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Rushcliffe CVS

Rushcliffe Community and Voluntary Service (RCVS) provides a wide range of support and services to groups, helping those that are starting up, as well as organisations that are already established. They are committed to equal opportunities and to making their services relevant and accessible to all groups working to improve their communities.

In addition to support for groups, they support individuals, particularly vulnerable people through the provision of dedicated services such as voluntary transport and befriending services.

They endeavour to support joint working between voluntary and community groups and with statutory bodies; and helping to ensure that the interests and concerns of the Voluntary and Community Sector are properly represented.

Rushcliffe Community and Voluntary Service is a member of the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA).

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