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Below are listed various pieces of data and insight which are specific to Nottinghamshire. If you're looking for particular insight, please do contact us for assistance.

Physical Activity behaviours during COVID-19

Active Lives Survey

The Active Lives Survey is produced by Sport England to provide an insight into the activity levels across England. We can use the Active Lives data to help us to understand activity levels across the county including Nottinghamshire and Nottingham. The Active Lives data is produced every six months and details levels of inactivity, those being fairly active and those being active.

The Active Lives Survey started in December 2015 and therefore the data sets are as follows:

Year One - December 2015 to November 2016

Year Two - December 2016 to November 2017

Year Three - December 2017 to November 2018

Year Four - December 2018 to November 2019

Year Five - December 2019 to November 2020

More information on the survey can be found here.

Active Lives Survey: Children and Young People

Other insight sources

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