COVID 19 Hub

We've compiled guidance and opportunities for staying active during coronavirus.

Whilst recognising the consequences of further restrictions and the impact of these on physical and mental wellbeing, we must play our part in protecting health through supporting the Covid 19 response. At the same time, physical activity is critical to physical and mental health and we have a duty to work together to enable people and communities to be active safely during this period.

As an organisation, we are continuing to focus our efforts on the least active and those most impacted by CV-19 and we are working closely with partners to:

• Signpost to opportunities and provide consistent positive messaging to the public on the importance of being active, and what can be done at home and outdoors within the guidelines.

• Support partners in responding to the changing legislation as we come out of this next period of lockdown by providing appropriate evidence to inform local decision making around the tiered restrictions - encouraging an evidence-based approach which balances risk of covid transmission with the wider risk to health and wellbeing of not being active.