Disability & Inclusive Activity

Active Notts understands the unique challenges that those with a limiting illness or disability face when participating in sport or physical activity. We work hard to ensure that all opportunities offered across Nottinghamshire are inclusive and offer everyone the chance to participate, volunteer, or coach within their activity of choice.

We have a proud tradition of leading the way in the provision of sport and physical activity for those with a disability or limiting illness and are committed to working with partners across the whole of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to ensure this remains the case as we seek to further address the inequality that currently exists.

Activity opportunities

There are a whole host of activities going on across the county that are either inclusive for anyone to take part in or disability specific.

Below is a list of those opportunities we know about. Active Notts are always looking for new activities to add to this list so if you know of any, please get in touch at info@activenotts.org.uk or 0115 848 3469

Projects and Campaigns

Physical activity guidance for disabled adults

A UK Chief Medical Officer physical activity infographic has been launched for disabled adults to make physical activity recommendations more accessible and to support disabled people in getting more active.

Run Together

England Athletics have launched a 'Find a Guide' search for their Run Together programme. If you would like to start running and would like support from a guide, you can use the finder below to look for one in your area.

Making Walks Sensory

The 'Making Walks Sensory' resource, created by Sense Active, is designed to support people with multiple or complex disabilities to connect with their surroundings and have more meaningful walking experiences.

The resource includes an introduction to sensory walks, advice on planning and structuring your walks and tips to ensure your walks are accessible and safe. The resource also comes with seven sensory activities that engage all senses, to be enjoyed all year round.

Download the resource here: https://www.sense.org.uk/get-support/arts-sport-and-wellbeing/sense-sport/resources/

Or to request a printed version, please email sense.active@sense.org.uk