We have been learning the art of Co-production in helping to form and establishing a Community of Practice for falls and physical activity across all of Notts.

What is the Falls Prevention and Physical Activity Community of Practice?


The Falls Prevention and Physical Activity Community of Practice hope to see the impact from meaningful conversations about re-conditioning and falls prevention at every level (within community, clinical and care settings).

Which will ultimately lead to stronger, happier, healthier people across Notts.

Shared Aims – what was heard from the Community that will help

• Workforce development: support people across community, clinical and care settings

• Evidence-based activity: developing and embedding a coordinated offer in all settings (community, clinical and care)

• Positioning of physical activity & movement: to enable cultural change shifting towards prevention

Why is it so important?

"If we do nothing 110,000 more older people are projected to have at least one fall per year as a result of reduced strength and balance activity during the pandemic." (PHE 2021)

The story so far...

The community of practice for falls and physical activity in Nottinghamshire was launched with a bang on 5th November 2021 via an online event which saw 80 people attend and join in the conversation. The project team began regularly meeting towards the end of summer 2021, through the Autumn. Meetings were regularly spent discussing plans and content for the first session as well as plans for spreading awareness and harnessing interest across their own networks. They attracted a diverse spread of organisations in attendance with representation from acute, community, mental health and primary care health sectors, along with social care, third sector organisations, commissioning and public health.

Lockdown was about breaking our connections with others to prevent the spread of disease. In a post lockdown world re-creating these connections through a community of practice seemed like the right approach to take to recondition our most vulnerable populations. The Community of Practice has created a space to share stories, meaningful conversations, learnings and resources. The community of practice for falls and physical activity in Nottinghamshire holds seasonal events and promotes an ethos of shared ownership. To continue to share knowledge and ideas on how we can tackle the huge problem of deconditioning and create a system pivot shift towards prevention which will support our population in reconditioning in order to stay strong and live happier, healthier, independent and more active lives.

The second Spring event took place on Wednesday 25/5/2022. You can watch the recording of the meeting here

Strength and Balance Activity

As part of this work, we have been building a map of activity in Notts that supports Strength and Balance. Zoom into the map to see where this activity is taking place and get in touch with either the venue where it's taking place or with the provider if listed to find out more. We have colour coded these sessions:

Green: general low impact activity

Orange: Chair-Based Exercise that includes Otago principles

Red: Falls Management Exercise classed delivered by trained Postural Stability Instructors

If you know of an activity that isn't detailed in this Google Map below then please let us know at info@activenotts.org.uk and we will add it to our Map.

For anyone living/working close to the Derbyshire boarder, have a look at the 'Strictly No Falls' classes happening - click here.

Autumn 2021 COP Illustrated story

How we came together?

What drives us?

What are the key issues?

How do we build a COP?

Starting the Ripple...

Winter 21/22 COP Illustrated Story

What we heard form the launch event?

The importance of collaboration and co-production

The 3 pillars

The Ripple Effect

What is a Community of Practice?

A community of practice aims to:

•Connect people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to interact, either as frequently or at all.

• Provide a shared context for people to communicate and share information, stories and personal experiences in a way that builds understanding and insight.

• Enable dialogue between people who come together to explore new possibilities, solve challenging problems, and create new, mutually beneficial opportunities.

• Stimulate learning by serving as a vehicle for authentic communication, mentoring, coaching, and self-reflection.

• Capture and share existing knowledge to help people improve their practice and engagement by providing a forum to identify solutions to common problems and a process to collect and evaluate best practices.

• Introduce collaborative processes to groups and organizations to encourage the free flow of ideas and exchange of information.

• Help people organise around purposeful actions that develop tangible results.

• Generate new knowledge to help people transform their practice to accommodate changes in needs and technologies. (Adapted from Cambridge, Kaplan & Suter 2005)

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