Grants for Sport and Physical Activity

There are various funding programmes which your group, organisation or project may be eligible for.

There are non-sport specific funding pots which are open to projects involving any sport e.g. Sport England's funding, and the sport-specific funding pots which are only open to certain named sports.

There are many other grants which have a community, health or education focus which are often suitable for sport and physical activity clubs and groups to apply for.

Click on the links below to find out more about the grants and other funding available.

Non sport-specific funding is usually open to a wide range of organisations, but the ones highlighted in this section are appropriate for sport and physical activity related projects.

Some of the Foundations linked to specific sports run their own grant funding programmes.

Some of other grant programmes may be appropriate for your project if it has e.g. a community focus.

The Landfill Communities Fund enables landfill operators to donate part of their annual tax liability which can be spent on eligible community and environmental projects.

This section explores the funding opportunities for Disability Sport. To make it easier to search for grants there are separate sections relating to funding for wheelchairs and other funding opportunities for disability sport and physical activity.

The link above details bursary grants to help talented athletes or for those struggling to finance their sport.

Some sports run their own bursary schemes. Click the link above to find out more.

This section details local grants available through the district and borough councils as well as other organisations.

Have you ever wondered what Crowdfunding is all about, or whether it is worth doing? If so, click the link above to help you answer these questions.

This section details a range of capital funds which might support building new or renovating existing sports facilities from pitch improvements through to sports pavilions.

If you're someone who is brimming with good ideas for a sport or physical activity project, but need a financial helping hand, then there are several funding streams that might provide the answer.