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Could you help shape the future of physical activity in Derbyshire and Notts? Are you passionate about equity and diversity and want to see people leading active lives in our communities? We are looking for a new Strategic Lead, to help deliver the shared vision set out in Making or Move: Uniting the movement in Notts and Derbyshire. We work closely with communities to listen, understand, enable change and seek investment, to create cultures where everyone can be active. Diversity is underrepresented within our workforce. We welcome applications from individuals representing different race, ethnicity, disability, or any protected characteristics.

Home based with access to hot desking facilities in Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield (city centres), DE1 1EQ
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About Strategic Lead - Active Partners Trust

Being physically active is good for us, for society, health, and even for the economy. There's no doubt about that. But how do we get people moving more? That's a bit trickier, and the need varies from place to place, programme to programme, and person to person.

As one of 43 Active Partnerships (APs) across England, Active Partners Trust, working in Derbyshire and Notts, teams up with local councils, community groups, businesses, healthcare organisations, charities, and more to find out what's needed.

This means asking questions, making suggestions, sharing our knowledge, finding the right partners, and spotting opportunities, all to make movement part of everyday life. Because when we all work together, we can better understand, reach, and support the people who need it most.

Making our Move – Our shared vision for Uniting the Movement in Notts and Derbyshire is a new plan to guide our and partners' work over the next 10 years - where we work and how we work.

As a Strategic Lead at APT, you will have key role to play to deliver this vision.

Strategic Leads have two main areas of responsibility for Active Partners Trust. Firstly, working alongside others in places (districts) to support change, from the way people think, to the introduction of new local policies and programmes. Secondly, leading on key themes, working with colleagues and partners to agree approaches, plans and make new relationships. Themed work areas include environment, health, inequalities and investment etc.

We're looking for a colleague who:

  • Can connect, collaborate, influence and create a culture in a place (district) where everyone can be active
  • Believes in the value of physical activity
  • Is committed to reducing inequalities in physical activity
  • Is comfortable working with complexity
  • Has the skills, experience and behaviours to make our move.

Diverse talent is underrepresented in APT. We welcome applications from individuals representing different race, ethnicity, disability, or any protected characteristics, to helps us understand and work with all communities.

You can apply for this role by downloading and completing all sections of the application form below and return to, or alternatively apply now using the main button below.

Please refer to the job description throughout the application process.

Supporting Documents:

apt-application-form1.docx (MS Word, 156.4 Kb)

strategic-lead-job-description.docx (MS Word, 713.9 Kb)

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