Ofsted publishes new education inspection framework with 'personal development’ judgement

Posted: Wed, 15 May 2019 13:11

Ofsted has published its new education inspection framework which will take effect from September 2019.

It says inspectors will spend less time looking at exam results and test data, and more time considering how a nursery, school, college or other education provider has achieved their results. That is, whether they are the outcome of a broad, rich curriculum and real learning, or of teaching to the test and exam cramming.

It will also introduce two new key judgements, evaluating learners' 'behaviour and attitudes' separately from their 'personal development'.

The 'personal development' judgement will recognise the work early years providers, schools and colleges do to build young people's resilience and confidence in later life, including through participation in sport, music and extra-curricular activities.

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Commenting on the new framework, Youth Sport Trust Schools Director Stuart Kay said: "By placing a greater focus on a broad and balanced curriculum, Ofsted's new framework offers some encouraging signs that the important role of Physical Education in schools will be given greater recognition.

"We know that, in recent years, PE has been a victim of inspections placing too much weight on exam results. Our own research found that almost two-in-five secondary schools have cut time for PE since 2012.

"While Ofsted does not go into specifics about the role of PE, we're pleased that it is giving schools permission to re-evaluate the intent of the curriculum they teach. With headteachers given the opportunity to influence which subjects are inspected, it will be more important than ever that schools are able to articulate the position of PE and sport in their curriculum and their intended impact on pupils.

"We would urge schools to use this opportunity to re-evaluate the wider outcomes PE should be delivering for every pupil, with a focus on wider wellbeing outcomes and character development."

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afPE's CEO Sue Wilkinson MBE also welcomed the news and said:

"In response to the publication of the new inspection framework afPE is positive about aspects such as the focus on personal development which has the potential to draw out the value and impact of high quality physical education (PE), particularly if it is embedded at the heart of school life."

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