Tampon Tax reopens to support women and / or girls projects

Posted: Mon, 09 Sep 2019 11:03

Tampon Tax reopens to support women and  / or girls projects

The Tampon Tax has reopened and is inviting applications for Women and Girls projects.

This Fund aims to support women who are most marginalised to overcome barriers that prevent them from fulfilling their potential. Projects that will make a tangible and long-term difference to health, well-being, confidence and social/economic activity, as well as addressing equality gaps are priorities.

A wide range of community groups are eligible but not schools or statutory sector organisations. Target organisations will include groups that are:

  • Grassroots organisations offering localised support.
  • Organisations working with beneficiaries with multiple disadvantages.
  • User led organisations that have a clear understanding of the needs they are supporting.

Grants are up to £10,000 and can be used over 12 months.

The round closes on 11th October.

In Nottinghamshire the Fund is being managed by Nottinghamshire Community Foundation. Access to full details of the fund, including how to apply can be reached here...

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