Funding to remove the barriers in getting outdoors and experiencing wild places

Posted: Thu, 06 May 2021 10:14

Funding to remove the barriers in getting outdoors and experiencing wild places

Alpkit make small awards to people, groups and schools that work to remove the barriers in getting outdoors and experience wild places.

Alpkit support grass-roots direct action projects that tackle issues such as the community response to Covid 19, diversity & inclusion in the outdoors, participation, education, conservation and protection of our natural environment and health & well-being.

Alpkit donates 1% of sales and at least 10% of annual profit to support grass roots projects.

Their support takes the form small awards to many projects and help projects get off the ground. This could be:

  • £50 to £500 cash to individuals, community groups, schools and organisations to encourage people to get outdoors and have great experiences that otherwise couldn't happen; e.g. giving a cash grant to a school to fund transport costs
  • Provide discounted equipment for outdoor adventures and trips to individuals, groups, schools and organisations that wouldn't be viable without support from the Alpkit Foundation
  • Support outdoor educational programs; e.g. grants for outdoor First Aiders or Mountain Leader Training that wouldn't be possible without Alpkit Foundation support
  • Support proactive conservation and environmental projects; e.g. community gardens and allotments or grants to help re-wild woodland and protect our wild places
  • Support projects which encourage the development of facilities for outdoor skills and activities to be experienced by wider groups who otherwise may miss out e.g. cycling, climbing, outdoor swimming facilities

There's no limit to the number of times you can apply for an award. They welcome multiple awards over time and each award is assessed on its own merit. The only criteria they apply in making awards is that the project meets the funding criteria and the Alpkit Foundation has the enough money in the pot.

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