Nottinghamshire's Local Communities Fund - Revenue Funding

Posted: Tue, 09 Nov 2021 14:15

Nottinghamshire's Local Communities Fund - Revenue Funding

A new discretionary grant funding scheme, The Local Communities Fund, is the successor to the Local Improvement Scheme. The Local Communities Fund consists of a Revenue Programme (split into two parts: 'Small Grants' and 'Large Grants'), a Capital Programme and a Talented Athletes Programme.

Applications for revenue funding are invited from VCS organisations that have developed effective activities in response to a local need / gap analysis. Examples of activities include:

  • Offering early help and prevention to those who most need it.
  • Providing support to communities of interest, including rural communities, and helping those who face particular challenges.
  • Increasing opportunities available for advice and signposting for the most vulnerable residents and communities.
  • Increasing pathways to volunteering, providing opportunities for individuals to contribute to their community whilst enhancing the sector's reach.
  • Helping to address climate and environmental change.
  • Enabling Nottinghamshire residents to contribute to social and cultural opportunities.

The Revenue programme consists of 2 parts:

Revenue Small Grants

This is a rolling programme, i.e. organisations can apply at any time, to assist the Voluntary and Community Sector respond to identified and emerging needs.

The maximum award will be £5,000 per project in any financial year. Successful organisations will be offered a 12-month funding agreement.

Revenue Large Grants

The Revenue Large Grants Programme is for applications over £5,000 per project and aims to support the co-ordination of investment in priority areas. Applications are invited from Nottinghamshire County-based organisations that can:

  • Demonstrate a good track record of delivery and supporting local communities, whether by geography and / or by interest
  • Demonstrate professional standards and good governance.

Partnership bids will be welcomed and should demonstrate effective collaboration across service delivery.

Organisations applying for a large grant must submit their application by 31 December 2021. Successful applications for Large Revenue Grants will be offered a funding agreement for up to 4 years (subject to satisfactory annual monitoring), commencing April 2022.

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