Non-Sport Specific Grants

Non sport-specific funding is usually open to a wide range of organisations, but the ones highlighted in this section are appropriate for sport and physical activity related projects.

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Sport England - Community Assets Fund

The Community Asset Fund is an open, rolling programme for capital projects up to £150K:

£1K to £15K for small scale project which will address emergency work

£15K to £50K for projects which address more substantial changes

£50K to £150K, by exception for larger investments. Applicants will need to demonstrate a considerable impact or are targeting under represented groups.

Statutory organisations and schools will need to provide at least £1:£1 match funding.

What types of projects is Sport England interested in for their Community Asset Fund?

Sport England don't want to stifle your thinking and creativity, but here are some of the things you could think about:

  • Work to repair, expand or improve a community sports facility. Perhaps your roof has been damaged in a storm, or you could increase the amount of time people can use your pitch or courts if you had floodlights installed.
  • Taking ownership of an underused playing field that could be transformed into a place for people to get active. Maybe there's a well-positioned but poorly maintained pitch in your area that you could take ownership of, improve drainage and access, and bring back into use for the wider local community.
  • Transforming an empty or underused building into a space where people can play sport. Is there a vacant community centre or school building that, with a new boiler, paint job and necessary alterations, could be brought back into life as a focus for community activity, including sport?

The application process now includes an initial expression of interest form. This form asks:

•Who you are, including contact details

•What your project is, where it is located and why it is needed

•Who will benefit and details of the activities involved

•How you make it happen and how much funding you are requiring.

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Sport England - Small Grants

Funding Available: £300 to £10,000
Deadlines: Rolling Programme

Click here to watch a short presentation about Sport England's Small Grants programme.

The fund will still provide grants between £300 and £10,000 for up to 3 years. They want to support projects that help everyone to take part in physical activity whether this is formal sport or informal activity aiming to help people lead more active lifestyles.

The fund can support your project to run activities that help overcome these barriers, and not just formal or traditional sports.

N.B. The priorities of the fund are now:

  • Getting inactive people to become more active
  • Developing lasting sporting habits
  • Develop more positive attitudes among young people

Their priority is to fund activities which reach people and families who have not had the opportunities to be active that others have. This might be for several reasons, including low income or where they live, but also levels of confidence.

They want to fund activities that are relevant, engaging and help people get regularly active – including those who do very little or no exercise at present.

They are particularly interested in projects that involve:

  • People on lower incomes
  • Supporting inactive people to become more active
  • Women
  • Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities

They will now also support less formal activities – contact Sport England if your activity is not included within their list of recognised sports.

  • They want to fund new activity or a clear expansion on previous projects.
  • Funding can be for up to £10,000 for a project. They may make slightly larger awards in exceptional circumstances.

They aim to make their decision in eight weeks.

A wide range of not for profit voluntary and community organisations can apply including sports clubs, CICs, schools, statutory organisations…

They can fund:

  • New or additional equipment
  • Kit for new teams or teams that haven't had any before
  • Fixed term or sessional staff and/or coaching costs
  • Training or coach development costs
  • Venue hire
  • Transport
  • Volunteer costs or expenses

Projects with children aged 5-13

They are principally interested in projects that support active play. By active play they mean activity where children are most likely to be in charge.

They are also interested in projects that take a whole family approach.

Football projects

They'll prioritise projects working with people from lower socio-economic groups and that seek to address identified barriers to participation in football.

Click here to watch a short presentation about Sport England's Small Grants programme.

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Central Social Recreational Trust

Funding Available: Up to £1,000
Deadlines: Check the website for details

The Central Social Recreational Trust is a small charity offering grants of up to £1,000 for clubs affiliated with a NGB working with young people below the age of 21. The grant can support equipment used by club members and the maintenance of property if it is owned by the club or has a long lease. The Trust will only pay suppliers directly. Therefore, it is important to get written quotations. Click here for further information about the sort of projects they can support.

N.B. The Trust is prioritising applications for equipment from the following groups during 2016-18:

Amateur Boxing Clubs,

Amateur Martial Arts Clubs and

Youth Services providing a social and community service.


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