Opening Schools Facilities - Phase 2

The Department of Education announced an investment of £10.1million of
funding into schools across England in 2021, to help enable existing school sports and swimming facilities to open outside of school hours.

We have invested almost £350,000 of this funding into the facilities of schools across Notts and Derbyshire. This page will explain a little bit about how the schools within the city and county maximised the investment to support more of their students to be active?

Schools with sports facilities can provide an excellent place for children and young people, and the local community, to engage in sport and physical activity.

These opportunities can enable many more young people to lead active lives and that's why over the last few months, we have been utilising Sport England's Opening School Facilities (OSF) fund across those schools in Nottinghamshire.

This money has enabled each of the schools to open their school's facilities in the evenings, weekends, or during the school holidays.

The schools approached were predominantly secondary schools, with a higher than national average percentage of young people in receipt of free school meals, ensuring the money was spent in the areas with a high level of inequality.

The funding they received totalled £156,000 and was used to provide coaching, buy new sports equipment, and improve storage.

Funding has been awarded for portable floodlights, to increase access for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), to employ specialist coaches, to increase understanding and education.

  • OSF in Notts (PDF, 193 Kb)

    Download and have a closer look at the above Notts summary page

Read in a bit more detail some of the stats and findings from specific schools in Derbyshire and Notts in the below PDF.