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Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Once we have received confirmation that you would like to take part in the Active Lives Survey, we will let you know which year groups have been selected from your school
  2. If you have more than one class per year group, then you'll need to use the selection grid to help you to determine which class you should select to take part in the survey. We will inform you which of the selection grids you should use.
  3. Download the letter templates for your school - simply add your school letterhead and a contact name for parents to return it to
  4. Set your date(s) to run the survey between now and the end of your selected term
  5. Identify one member of staff to complete the teacher survey
  6. List the names of children whose parents request for them to opt out from taking the survey
  7. Book a computer suite for your survey - the survey is compatible with computers, laptops and tablets
  8. Check that the school system has whitelisted the domain name *.ipsointeractive.com
  9. Test that pupils can easily access the survey
  10. You will be sent the unique URL's that every class, parent and teacher will need. Please note, if the URL doesn't work straight away, URLs can be amended so that 'goo.gl' is replaced with 'ipsos.uk'
  11. For the teacher survey, you will be provided with a URN number. You will need this number in order to log in on the first screen
  12. Once all your surveys have been completed, you will need to complete a BACS Form. This form will need to be sent to Sport England, in order to receive your payment
  13. Contact Rachel Kemp at Active Notts for any follow-up advice or delivery support – Rachel.kemp@activepartnerstrust.org.uk