Notts Getting Active Together - Thank You

Thanking those who are helping to make physical activity the norm

We want to say 'thank you' to the amazing organisations, clubs, facilities, volunteers, people and places across Notts which are helping to make physical activity the norm.

We asked for your help to say 'thank you' to all the people, groups, clubs and organisations who have helped to make physical activity the norm over the past four years.

From 10-21 May we highlighted the people, groups, clubs and organisations, which you told us about, who are using physical activity and sport to make a real difference in their communities and to the lives of others. In the two-week campaign we highlighted their work and how important and powerful physical activity can be.

Stories from our community

1st Balderton Scout Group

This is another submission from people in our communities, they wanted to thank 1st Balderton Scout group and said:

"1st Balderton Scout Group have done so much for not only the young people in their community but also to others. In the last four years their members have grown and they now have over 100 young people learning vital skills for life. All the leaders work so hard in providing fantastic opportunities for the young people. During the COVID-19 crisis they were unable to meet face to face but that didn't mean they stopped supporting young people in a time that was very much needed. They still found a way to engage and support as many young people as possible by providing an online program offering some fantastic sessions in very difficult circumstances. All the leaders are volunteers and have had to put in a lot of extra work to offer online sessions and start getting back to face to face in a safe way."

Brinsley Primary School

Brinsley Primary School were inspired to look at how they could open their facilities to the wider community before lockdown. They wanted to the school be a hub for activity and here is the story about the approach they took.

#ThankYou to the team there for helping to make activity happen. Since lockdown restrictions have eased, they're looking at ways to continue this work so their facilities can be utilised by more people.

View the 'Supporting Brinsley Primary to Provide Community Use of its facilities' video

Charmaine Daley and This Girl Can

Thank you to the amazing Charmaine Daley and the whole #ThisGirlCan Nottingham group for supporting each other and people in our communities to stay active during lockdown. A news story shows some of their activities in the last year: View the video #ThankYou

Daniyaal's Martial Arts Academy

We love the stories submitted by the community, thanking those helping make activity happen. We had several submissions for Daniyaal's and here's what they had to say:

"DMAA has brought Discipline, Resilience and Respect to the youth in Nottingham. Over the last few years they have been teaching children not only martial arts but how to be a part of the community through volunteering, setting up food banks and much more. The also set up a First Aid course to teach children as young as three how to handle emergency situations to prepare them for the future. The work they have done over the last few years has clearly put a stamp on every child they've met as well as the local communities they've helped."

Dukeries Young People Centre

We want to thank everyone working in Ollerton and Boughton for helping to make activity happen. The young people at the Dukeries Young People centre created this video to share their experiences of activity and highlight some of the partnership work happening there. This video was filmed before lockdown but the team at the centre have continued to work with young people in the community:

#ThankYou #UnitingTheMovement

First Art (Bellamy)

There are so many people and organisations working with the community in Bellamy to support people to be active. Last summer, FirstArt held a secret picnic which brought families together and celebrated community. Even during restrictions, they found ways to bring people together and find out more about what the community wanted.

View their case study to understand why they've been recognised as a great community contributor!

Girls Active

A massive thank you to all of the women and girls involved in the #GirlsActive work. 150 girls from schools across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire have been helping to shape PE, sport and physical activity in their schools. They have been instrumental in engaging with their friends and peers and working with school staff to create an offer that is suitable for all. The video shows an Inspiration Day for the girls, held before lockdown last year.

View video

Hayden Road Cricket Club

A shout out to @NottsCC and all of the governing bodies of sport who are working hard to help make activity happen. Working with the community to make sport and activity accessible to all is highlighted in this video about Hayden Road Cricket Club in Nottingham. View video


Helen (Snugg Yoga)

This story was submitted as part of our Thank You campaign by a session participant, this is what they had to say about Helen from Snugg Yoga:

"Helen has been amazing this past year. For six months she gave free yoga classes in return for charity donations to be made to different charities (over 20 local charities in all). She gave free classes to service users of all those charities as well as those in the NHS and teachers, and has given online classes to asylum seekers, those who have had abuse trauma, 24-hour carers and others in severe isolation. She has provided classes for so many people who were suffering from anxiety this past year and has built a really nice community."

Kings Mill Pre Op Team

Over the last few years, the team at the Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust have been reimagining their approach to routine operation care, making contact with patients earlier and supporting them to keep moving and staying active whilst waiting for operations. This has become even more important since the pandemic has caused an increase in those waiting for operations. Filmed before lockdown, this video looks at how the team have changed their approach to working with patients. #ThankYou #UnitingTheMovement

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